Expanded Metal Screen

Expanded Metal Screen

Expanded metal screens are manufactured from fine metallic foils, which are cut out and later expanded in the traverse sense until reaching the metal width programmed. The foil doesn't possess any anti-corrosive protection, and the screen is painted usually in the black color.

We offer common mesh expanded metal and special mesh opening metal screen.

The production is easy using little labor, and due to the cost of the employed material and to the almost any scrap, expanded metal screen usually has the economic cost. This makes it of great usefulness in the building industries, fencing materials, or even decoration of shop windows.

Opening Types:
Expanded Metal Screen can be supplied in different openings, typically standard diamond
shape; heavy type Tortoise-shaped or hexagonal shape; flattened diamond or hexagonal shape; and some special shapes or designs.

Standard Diamond:
Rhombic Shape is the standard expanded metal products, also named diamond shaped. Can be made from a wide range of metal materials.

Heavy Type Hexagon Shape:
Also known as Tortoise-shaped expanded metal mesh. A kind of heavy-type expanded metal, reinforced compared with the regular diamond shaped expanded sheets.

This kind of expanded metal mesh finds similar application as perforated metals as fences, construction or building decoration.

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